The Faculty of Tourism

28 November 2016


The Faculty of Tourism was established in 1997 and as such is one of the oldest faculties of the Van Hien University. It has 14 well experienced regular staff holding the following academic credentials: 1 Prof. PhD, 1 Prof., 1 Ass. Prof. PhD, 10 MA and 2 BA. At present there are 798 students (year 1 – 4) studying at the Faculty in Undergraduate degree and Associate degree courses.


The Faculty consists of 2 Departments:

  1. The Department of Hotel Management and Hospitality

Subjects taught at the Department include:

  • Hotel Management
  • Resort Management
  1. The Department of Tour Operation and Management

Subjects taught at the Department include:

  • Tour Operation
  • Tour Guide

Degrees and duration of studies:

Undergraduate degree: 4 years.

Associate degree: 3 years.

Continuing education courses up to College or BA degree: 1,5 – 3 years



Ass. Prof. Pham Xuan Hau, PhD

Vice Dean of Faculty

Tel: +84-986778155