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01 December 2016



About Us


VHU’s Students Affairs Department works towards the educating of all-rounded students as well as the providing appropriate support to help students perfect their personality and life skills so as to produce high quality human resources for the meeting of increasing demands of the society. Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and Student Association have also organized various activities to encourage students’ learning and scientific research activities. 

Currently, VHU has 15 student clubs, including 4 academic clubs such as Foreign Language Club; Shindou Club; Batender Club; Young Business Club…

The number of scholarships from HungHau Heart Organizations and other sponsors has been increasing over the past years. Every year, different scholarships are granted to about over 300 students.

 Students Affairs Department 

Room 101

613 Au Co Streets

Phu Trung, Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Tel: +84. 08 3832 0333 (ext: 191 – 172)

Fax: +84. 08 3832 0333


Term Date

 Student Scientific Research Conference

October 16th 2016

Openning School Year and Welcome Students

October 30th 2016

Graduation Ceremony 2016 – “Reaching to the Ocean”

November 2016

VHU’s Got Tanlent

November 2016

Student City Sports Festival

December 2016


VHU Football team

Student Activities




· Chess

· Badminton

· Taekwondo

· Basketball

· Table tennis

· Volleyball

· Karate







Take part in:

-         Student City Sports Games  

-         Universitygames

-         Sports Exchange

-         VHU Sports Games                                     

-         U19 Soccer League

-         RMIT Vietnam Badminton

-         RMIT Vietnam Tournament Futsal


 ·        Communication skills

·        Internet Users Skills                           

·        Presentation skills                             

·        Decision-making skills                    

·        Negotiation skills

·        Computer skills/ PC skills

·        Problem-solving skills

·        Event management skills

·        Time management skills

·        Public-speaking skills

·        Public-speaking skills

Academic Club



Green Summer Volunteer Campaign 2016


Foreign Language Club

·        Shindou Club

·        Batender Club

·        Young Business Club  

·        Green Summer Volunteer Campaign

·        Spring Volunteer Campaign

·        VHU Entrance Exam Support Campaign

·        VHU Welcoming Day

·        VHU City Tour

·        Blood Donation

·        Charity work at X Orphanage/ Disabled Children Education Center


For more information:

Tel: 08 3832 0333 – Extension: 172 (Ms. Bach Hue – Ms. Tieu Phung)


Scholarship Program

With operational objectives "for the society and communities", each year the school has developed a scholarship program to encourage the students studying in the school has high academic achievement as well as scientific research, the students have difficult circumstances, those with good academic example of overcoming difficulties ...

Van Hien University proudly presents the annual scholarship package totaling up to 2.5 billion VND scholarship (one billion five hundred million).

1. Scholarships with Dream High

Total capacity


The value of the scholarship

VND 120 million per performance

Approved Conditions

Applicants for admission to the Van Hien University has academic year 12 rated excellent, demonstrating the will and the ability to create the future, with good academic results.


A copy of high school transcripts notarized.

Copies of receipts of admission fees.

2. Encouraging Study in Sholarship

The value of the scholarship

VND 500,000,000

Conditions for submission and approval

Student learning outcomes achieved graded excellent and graded exercise good points or more.

Students who accumulate 34 credits / more than a year, without repeater, with no subjects are under 2.0 (in point 4).

Note: the school will publish a list of students who achieve academic scholarships to encourage with time announced the list of other scholarships.


3. Scholarships accompany with Hung Hau

The value of the scholarship

VND 350,000,000

Conditions to submit a document and approval


Students are spouses, children / siblings of VHUer, the member units of Hung Hau, an important partner of either Hung Hau or Van Hien .

Students, who have brothers, sisters, studying at Van Hien University or graduated no more than 4 years.

Students have learned quite upward force.

Note: the school will publish a list of students who achieve academic scholarships to encourage with time announced the list of other scholarships.



4. Scholarship’s Hoang Nhu Mai

Total capacity


The value of the scholarship

every part is 2,000,000 VND

Conditions to submit a document and approval

Students, who have more than 2 years excellent in study and energetic person

Note: the school will publish a list of students who achieve academic scholarships to encourage with time announced the list of other scholarships.



5. TalentScholarship

The value of the scholarship

VND 30,000,000

This is a scholarship for students who participated and won the contest by higher units outside the organization. The school will facilitate attendance of professional courses for the professional development of students.



For more information:

Tel: 08 3832 0333 – Extension: 191 (Mr. Phuong Lam)



Student Support

Understanding the difficulty of students who live far from their home and have to move to Ho Chi Minh City to study, Student’s Affairs Department has established cooperation with areas near the school, where rented accommodation are available.

The unity of Van Hien students is one of the proudest things is our culture . Under our statement that seniors always support juniors, in July every year, Van Hien students themselves do researches on rented accommodation to help later generations with their heart, ability and experience.

Additionally, in terms of consultancy on rented accommodation information, the voluntary teams – students from the school will appoint suitable member to directly lead and guide parents and fresh students to renting locations, in case they are not familiar with directions and roads here.

Together with series of activities to support students’ life, Student’s Affairs Department will organize consultancy sessions on rented accommodation for free, providing list of rented accommodation on local locations, so that students can easily find a suitable, safe, and convenient accommodation.


For more information:

Tel: 08 3832 0333 – Extension: 191 (Ms. Ngoc Yen)