Planning & Finance Department

29 November 2016


The Department is responsible for financial & cash flow management, accounting & auditing, tax arrangement, financial & investment risk management. It acts as a counsellor for the Boad of Rectors in constructing the rules of financial & cash flow management, sets up financial plans analyzes revenues and expenditures, sets up regular financial statements estimats and manage the cash flow. It organizes the accounting to ensure internal compliancy. It ensures accounting standards and regulations of the State are adhered to. It strictly controls the fixed asset procurement and organizes asset  inventor. It performs annual independent audits.

The Department checks the reasonableness and validity of all documents according to the provisions of the tax law. It analyzes the tax liability and tax policy to ensure proper and full tax payment. It controls the revenues and expenditures of the university in order to avoid losses and wasting money, resources and assets. It evaluates the effectiveness of investment projects.