Doanh Tri Institute

28 November 2016


The Doanh Tri Institute is a place for advanced training of skills needed for competition in businesses. Furthermore, it organizes scientific workshops. With its philosophy: “Training – Coaching – Transfer” the Institute approaches practical problems of society and in business.

Target Groups:

  • Pupils and students at universities, colleges and vocational schools.
  • Businesses

Mission, vision, core values:


+     Mission: “Sustainability in knowledge and career”

  • Provide consulting solutions in order to increase the competitive advantagesof Vietnamese organizations and enterprises.

+     Vision:

  • Up until 2020 the Doanh Tri Institute is the top 3 institute in the area of training, consulting and scientific research based on the principle “training – transferring” in Vietnam.

+     Core values:

  • Methodology: interactive, modern and constantly updated according to new trends worldwide.
  • Type: Training, consulting and transferring.
  • Purpose: Improving knowledge and supporting the spirit of Vietnamese organizations and enterprises.

Training Methodology:

  • Provide students with a detailed outline of each course
  • Learning materials are prepared based on actual needs
  • Lecturers are from businesses and have practical experiences
  • Approach: 70% of course time in practical situations, students gain experience and learn through interactive activities in class and by doing their homework
  • Students are involved in assessment  and evaluation of lecturers


  • The Doanh Tri Institute will issue a certificate of course completion to students having taken part in all sessions and examinations .


A. Soft Skills

  • Self-discovery
  • Setting targets and self-motivation
  • Creative and critical thinking
  • Effective team working
  • Problem solving – decision making
  • Target setting and planning
  • Presentation before a crowd
  • Leadership / Team building
  • Job seeking and convincing of employers
  • Negotiation


  • CEO
  • Chief Accountant
  • Tourism and tour leader
  • MC




Mr. Nguyen Huu Nang, MA

Haed of Institute

Tel: +84-38320333 - Ex: 149