Testing & Quality Assurence Department

29 November 2016


The Department of Examination and Quality Control was founded in 2013. The Department is a functional unit of the Van Hien University and operates within the policies and strategic development of the Van Hien University. Its function is to advise and assist the Boad of Rectors in the management of examinations and quality control. It proposes and organizes the work of testing and quality assurance of the entire university. It is responsible for training assessment, processes and contents and training, as well as quality assurance and program recognition.

Its mission is to construct, organize, submit regulations to the Board of Rectors, to coordinate with other functional departments, faculties, centers, the board of examiners in order to arrange the exams of  the university. It files examination questions examination papersand essays, assigns superintendents, marks exam papers, and classifies the materials etc. It coordinates organizations and individuals for examination and quality assurance.