28 November 2016

Basic Outline Of The Van Hien University (VHU)

The Van Hien University was established in according the the Prime Minister’s Decision No 517/TTg on July 11, 1997. During 18 years of constant development 15,000 students have graduated from it and the Van Hien University has become a well acknowledged institution within the Vietnamese university system. It is a multi-discipline university providing education on several levels with a special strength in social sciences and humanities. At the Van Hien University master degrees can be obtained in two fields of studies, business dmistration and vietnamese literature, BA degrees in 14 fields covering business admisnistration, tourism, scial sciences, foreign languages and technology, and associate degrees in six fields. The Van Hien University is the only multi-discipline university in Vietnam to offer programs in vocal training and piano.

The Van HienUniversityhas establishedcooperation and joint trainingwithseveraluniversitiesin Japan and South Korea. Currentlythe universityis expending its cooperation partnerships with other universities in the region, as well as in Europe and the United States.

A University Within An Enterprise

The Van Hien University is a member unit of the Hung Hau Corporation, a business organization active in many sectors: financial investment, aquaculture production and processing, export of agricultural and fishery products, fuel distribution and retail trading system… This model has created a unique combination of knowledge and business management, training output and labor market demand. Accordingly, students have the chance to access closely the real working environment, while at the same time the University continuously is adjusting its curricula according to the needs of society and is unceasingly  improving the quality of education. This model also ensures to use abundant and diversified resources in education.

Teaching Staff

Identification of adequate training staff is a core element, the “soul” of a university. The Van Hien University has assembled a team of lecturers with high qualifications and long years of experience in teaching and scientific research as well. Among the staff  are many having been educated abroad, or holding high positions in the management of businesses and large domestic or international corporations. It is the strategy of the Van Hien University to give priority to recruitment to foreign managers and lecturers.

Curricula And Training

The training programs of the University is imparting applicable knowledge, focusses on practical skills, internships and ensures that graduates can meet the requirements of specified working environments and are capable to adapt to any changes of the professional practice. The Van Hien University is looking forward to develop its curricula in accordance with international standards. Based on that, it is constantly seeking to establish relationships with foreign universities in order to and exchange teaching staff and students.

Infrastructure And  Training Facilities

There are training facilities in several locations in Ho Chi Minh City: 624 Au Co, Tan Binh Dist.; 665-667-669 Dien Bien Phu St., Dist. 3; 2A2 Thanh Xuan Ward, Dist. 12; 1004A Au Co (administration and faculty offices). Besides, a dormitory for 700 students soon will be constructed at 1004B Au Co. According to the longer development strategy a new campus according to international standards will be constructed on Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard on an area of 60.000 m2.

Student Support Policy

Every year the Hung Hau Corporation is providing the Van Hien University with funds of 2 up to 3billion VND for its students scholarship program, including scholarshipsfor foreign students and the exchangeprogram  for students and lecturers studying Vietnamese language, culture or literature in Vietnamat the University.

While studying at the University, students are supported with education,  student jobs, introduced to internship and jobs after graduation. They experience and develop their capacities and skills through extracurricular activities such as attractive and useful club and team activities as well as soft skills training…